Friday, October 24, 2014

Catawba and Lancaster Branch-- 24 Oct. 2014

First it's pronounced Ka-taw-ba, they are an native american tribe in the Carolinas. We were visiting the reservation, because we were going to be assigned to attend that ward. While we were there we visited the cultural center, not big but nice enough. I took this picture while we were down in the area -what a great shot!! OK OK, It was a display, but I thought it sure looked good. Anyway I thought I would save it as a symbol of the the UA vs Oregon football game, basketball games or anything with the lame ducks.

    So anyway we met with the Stake president of  the Charlotte South Stake ( really a great guy) and our mission president (also a really great guy) and they asked us to consider attending the Lancaster branch, which is in Lancaster, Soutrh Carolina. So we will, it is a very small branch, last week attedance was about 30. They are very friendly and inviting. I look forward to helping in that branch however they need us.
 Monday was Sister Z's birthday, we surprised her with a birthday balloon, (first one she has ever had) and a early morning american breakfast, Bacon, eggs and pancakes with peaches, strawberries,  syrup and whipped cream and Chocolate milk and OJ. She loved it, her companion set up the surprise.
Well there is more to come, but that will be later. Love the mission and the work it is amazing! Keep the faith.

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