Thursday, April 5, 2018

24 March 2018 It's a wrap!

This will be the last post for this mission, we are home. Included will be pictures of the family that came out to visit. So all in all the mission was short (6 months) but packed with great things. I'll start this with the pictures of the family visit. Holly, Jeremy, Tennasyn, Tyleigh and Kenny came out. We had a great time.

Tenny, Ty and Kenny riding the Metro (train)

Earlier I had submitted an application for a white House tour
I set it up for the Friday after the kids arrived.
The next several pictures are from the White House tour.

The next day we left for The Amish country in Lancaster PA.

The next couple of pictures are from the Railroad Museum we visited

Back on the Metro and headed back into the city for some site seeing

Me and Sweetie Pie

This is at the Viet Nam Memorial
The name is Thomas A Woolridge,
he was my neighbor and my best friends brother. Killed in Viet Nam

The Jefferson Memorial ↑

Blondie standing in front of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial


Korean Memorial
The sign says "Freedom is not free"



Aunt Holly with Kenny

From here down many of the pictures are out of sequence
basically mixed in, I don't know what happened, but it did.
Anyway they are of the family Dc trip and the return home.

In the Museum of Natural History ↑

Blondie, she loves the pictures!

Tenny Girl, the future teacher.

Ty (Blondie)

Grammie, myself with the grandkids (that came)

Holly and Ty
Two peas in a pod

Three lovely ladies

Holly and Jeremy

The selection pond is empty 😡

On the Metro

Nice group photo facing the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington behind us

Group selfie

Korean Memorial

WWII Memorial

The next two ↑↓are in Arlington 
Below is the Eternal Flame at JFK's grave

After Leaving DC and heading home we wanted to stop and see Aunt Jewell and Teddy
in Ocala Fl. Wonderful visit!
Below are some pictures of the Orlando temple. Teddy and her Husband Mike
and Patty and I attended the Orlando temple for a session. Sweet experience
I felt like Alma meeting withe the Sons of Mosiah realizing that my cousin is still active in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Orlando Temple

Teddy and Michael Cowart

This was in Mississippi (near Biloxi)

Cousin Mel and Cindy in El Paso Tx. 
We stopped in for the night and visited with them. 
Here we are having dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Finally some good Mexican food

This picture was at Mel's house. Cindy won it at a raffle at one of our reunions
I wanted a copy so here it is.
It is a picture of all the cousins lined up in order of age (all that were there anyways)
Steve Slade and I are going to redo the picture and add in order all the weren't there.
So that's a wrap for this mission, let's see what the Lord plans next, until then Love to all the family