Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12 November 2017...Temple stories and other items for journal entries

I have a couple of thoughts, I know that doesn't happen often, but I do get them. I was in the temple the other day and was in the initiatory room, as the initiatory director, we had several patrons come in and I needed to set up 3 booths, which is not very common, I also was handling the name issue booth,  so I was moving from area to area as needed. As time moved forward the ordinance workers were leaving for other assignments, leaving myself and one other worker. So I decided to enter the ordinance booth and assist the one worker. Every once in awhile checking to see about the name issue booth. The point being made is, to me anyway, it is pretty amazing how the brain functions when needed to. Each of the ordinances are memorized and you move from ordinance to ordinance and back, hopefully never missing a beat or word as it would be. The Spirit is strong in the temple. Last Friday was ASL training in the temple we worked on the endowment/ vale ordinance in preparation for next Friday's ASL temple day. Which means we have to get on learning the vale ordinance. I feel pretty sure I have it down, we'll see. One more story, even though the temple is busy, it is not unlike most other temples that during mid-day/ week days it can be slow. Sister Slade and I were officiating at a 4pm session and it looked slim, about 10 minutes before the session started, a single sister came in, then a couple (our witness couple). That's it! I thought no there is still some one needing this session, they wanted to close the doors, and I said wait a minute someone else is coming. Along comes another couple, then another. It was still small but we had twice as many as before. This is not unusual, and is compensated for (if you attend the temple you know what I mean).

Monday 13 November, a trip to Mt Vernon & the last BBQ for the season:
Today we took a trip to Mt Vernon, home of George Washington. I couldn't begin to say all that there is to say about George Washington, when you learn his history, despite what some people say about American History, you can't help but know there was Devine intervention in his life. Here are some pictures:

Front of the house 

backyard looking at the Potomac River

Back of the house

I took this in the backyard
Looks cold huh
It was about 40 degrees 

The carriage

this is a chair cart, notice the chair attached to the base

Out by the wharf 
on the Potomac

This is where George and Martha (and others) are interred. 

The Weights, and Bishops and me. Patty didn't feel like going so she stayed home

Monday was the last BBQ for the Brookside apts. for the season, I had been promising Sonoran dogs for my family and friends. I have been preparing for this for 3 weeks getting things ready, I was planning on making 24 dogs, which I did. I promised several people some Sonoran Dogs, so Im made 28, they were, to say the least over done!! The coals were way to hot and the bacon caused the coals to flare up. Anyway they burned, I was very disappointed, I felt like I built them up so much and it was not good. We had everything for the dogs, plus pie. Oh well, I gonna make it up on taco night. I decided to make my pan fried tacos, I'll let you know how that works out. Anyway here are some pictures of the BBQ:

Geri (Slade) Gillespie ask if we could take a picture of the "family"
So here we are the Slade's, one way or another.
Patty and I on the left, Paul and Pat (Slade) Nelson, Arnold and Geri (Slade) Gillespie
Wayne and Sue Slade
All standing in front of one of the apt buildings, actually the balcony with the wreath on it is Wayne's, Next to it with the tree lit is Geri's and above it is Pat's. Ours is on the other side of the building.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

7 Nov. 2017 Faith and prayer!

Couple of stories at the temple and branch, 4 November 2017 was the deaf branch temple day. This month was baptisms, initiatory, and sealings. We had a great turn out, several youth and adults. The baptisms were first, followed by initiatory, then lunch. We had all the deaf members, who were doing ordinances, in the break room of the temple. A potato bar was served and some cookies and punch. Patty made butter cookies cut out in the shape of the "I Love You" hand sign, they were a big hit, and tasty too. The day was capped off in the sealing room, where President Swift performed the sealings. I just want to say the temple presidency and particularly President Swift go all out to accommodate the deaf program. They love the people and do a lot to further their temple attendance. I feel it a privilege to serve with them. Sunday 5 November, as always we rode the Metro in to the city. It was fast Sunday and as always the entire time was taken (plus 15 min over), in bareing testimonies. The main topic was Temple day! After Sacrament we were talking with the first counselor when a sister (mom) asked if we had seen her son, he is 5 yrs old with Down Syndrome, No we hadn't and neither has anyone else. A sense of panic was overcoming everyone as we searched the building and even outside, which by the way is in the city of D.C. We walked around the block and up and down the streets with no luck. Patty said we need to pray, and President Merrell said so also. He offered a prayer, very touching one, and then we started looking again. Literally 3 minutes later the mom gets a call from the police and they say they have him in the car. He was 5 blocks away and headed for a busy street, from this street you can see the Capital Building. I don't like to over do sacred things, but I just want to write one piece of President Merrell's prayer. He said, to Heavenly Father, We don't know where he is, but You do, please help us find him. Then they called. Anyway afterward we were asked to sub in the nursery, there were three small children, cute as buttons. Even more so was watching them signing, they are less than 18 months old, cute, cute. After the block was "linger Longer" we had a Thanksgiving dinner, lots of good food. Anyway what a great day on a mission. On Monday we went to DC with Wayne and Sue Slade, Gari and Arnold Gillespie and Paul and Pat Nelson. Basically thats Wayne Slade, Gari Slade Gillespie and Pat Slade Nelson with Jim and Pat Slade, wow.  Here are some pictures:

The "I Love You" cookies. If you know Patty,
the hands were frosted, then the fingers were marked with a toothpick. 

This is the church building

Holly Berry bush

Washington Monument 

 ( Art museum)

Inside the art museum

More art museum

Something important I'm sure 

This is on the way from the Temple, Patty spotted it. We have seen several does, but this is the first buck we've seen.
More coming.....

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

31 Oct 2017 just some thoughts and pictures

I wanted to write some thoughts, which I will keep brief. As we are serving here and are in the temple 5 days a week (sometimes six), I can't help but feel a closeness to "the other side". It is preached everyday, the work, the patrons, and being in the House of the Lord. I think often of certain things, family, friends, service and covenants. It would take over a year (almost a year and a half) @ two days a week serving in a normal temple schedule to be in the temple this much. I don't know it's just hard to explain the joy and happiness of being in the Lord's House. I love the opportunities to learn different assignments everyday, for example on Tuesday we serve from 0800 to 1:30, Wednesday & Thursday from 12:30 to 7pm, Friday from 6:30 to 10:00 and Saturday from 12:00 to 6pm. Of course all is subject to change because sometimes we go in early for an early session or stay later for a late session.  On the 2nd and 3rd Fridays we are assigned to the ASL group, I love this as it is making learn all the ordinances in ASL. But I have been an Initiatory director, Veil directory, Veil coordinator, and today a baptistry director. Please understand it's not anything I'm doing but it is just part of the scheduling, everyone is needed, and needs to learn these positions. Point is it is very involved and exciting. Love it! I'm learning to sign the Initiatory, and Sealing ordinances. I feel I can do the veil now in ASL. One more thing we learn everyday is that the temple experience is about the patron experience, how do we make their day in the temple the best day ever. This brings me to one of the things that has been on my mind, Dad, I really feel like he sees us and is happy. I miss him and think about him often. Anyway the temple presidency is warm and kind to all of us. The missionaries and district workers are family, the mission is wonderful. Now with the "holidays coming there are a lot of extra things going on, beside the monthly activities the missionaries do. On November 6th we are assigned to help with the temple Christmas lights, that will be fun. Last Saturday we went to the Visitors Center for a concert, Chinese singers. It was really pretty nice, I took some pictures, which I'll display. I think us and the Bishop's, who went with us, were about the only non-oriental people there. Anyway here are some pictures:

This was the curtain
The next few pictures are some of the performers
The pianist was really good.

 He was the MC

 Some dances also

Most of the performers

Below is a picture of our front door, notice the two doors on either side. 
It seems so close, but we hardly hear any noise.
Gives you an idea why we are so close as friends too. There are 4 building 3 floors high
with 4 apartments on each floor. 

In 2 weeks we will have our last BBQ (outside) for the season, I'll give a report on that later.
Until then see ya'

Monday, October 23, 2017

23 Oct 2017 Trip to the city

Today we, with the Weights and Bishops took a trip into DC on the Metro. We had a good time, visited the Capital Building (outside) and the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court, Elder Weight is a Lawyer so that was a must. I found it very interesting. The tour guide said the judicial branch interprets the law, I wanted to raise my hand and ask why they are making new laws while they interpret the law, but I didn't.  The Library of Congress was good too, so was the Capital Building. Here is a story, with all the increase of security, they wouldn't let anyone in with food, water and of course weapons of any kind. I always have a pocket knife, not as a weapon but whatever. Sister Bishop had a bag with water and food, I had my pocket knives (2 little ones). So I said I'll wait outside, they went in and a few minutes later came out and said we could check the bag at the Library of Congress, so we went there to check the bag. They checked the water, food, but not the knives, they wouldn't check those (probably left wing liberals). So Elder Weight said just hide the knives in the grass then get them later, nope can't leave anything. So I walked back to the Capital Building, walked past a orange cone with a hole on top. I walked past it, dropped the knives into the hole and kept walking. Nobody but me knew they were there. At the end of the day I picked them back up and went on my merry way. We had a great time. Here are some pictures:

The first four are of the Capital Building

With Patty in the middle on her left are the Weights
and on her right are the Bishops

This is inside the visitor center,
that's the same statue on top the Capital Building

Each State gives one or two statues to the center
This one is of Father Francisco Kino

The next three are inside the dome
I tried to get as good of one as I could
It is a mural of George Washington rising as a god. Well, that what the guide said.

This one shows the best look, George is right above the sword. He is draped with a pink blanket 
(or something).  Anyway it was cool.

This picture is pretty well known, it is in all the history books on the signing of the Declaration of Independence 

This is Utah's statue of Brigham Young

Patty and Sister Bishop

I like this one of the Capital

The Reading room in the Library of Congress

The Supreme Court

The back chairs are where the Justices sit
I really enjoyed this tour, it was very interesting

The next three are the Library of Congress

That's the dome with the mural
By the way as we walk to our church building we can see both 
the Library of Congress and the Capital Building

This walk way is just to the left of the walkway where the infamous orange cone was

And That's it, I tell you it was genius.  

I forgot, in the evening we went to dinner with the "Arizona Bunch"
There are several of us from Az. I'd say as many if not more than any other state. Anyway here is a picture of the group. I pointed out the Slade's and Comb's because I wanted to point them out to my family. Steve Slade knows the Coombs, and of course the Slade's

I'm definitely sure their's more to come, until then Keep the faith