Sunday, October 5, 2014

A couple of stories from the ERC

It is always nice to have good things happen at the ERC. Last Monday, as most Mondays, we have a conference call with the region office. The center's office phone rang so I answered it and it was a woman on the other end she was thinking we were a employment agency, meaning we did hiring. Anyway I said no and that ended the conversation. After the conference call I started to call some one else about a job posting and dialed the last number on the phone, which was the woman who called earlier, I had forgotten she called. When she answered I asked for Ami (which is the sister about the job posting), she said no this is Cathy, realizing who it was now I apologized for getting off the phone so quick and explained who we were and what we were about. She explained that she had just lost her job and was looking for work. I invited her to come to the office she accepted and we signed her up on and showed her how to set up her profile and do job searches. Two days later she calls me and tells me she just got hired for another company, she had been doing searches and applications till she landed a job. Love that kind of news.

Another one, I got a call from a youn man, I believe from Ethopia, Sister Slade had sent him an email to check his status on He calls back and asked me if he could come down and get a little help updating his profile, I told him come on down. He comes in and we go to the computer room and and sign him on (he already has a profile) so we can update his information. He has a good education, speaks english fairly well and actually is an chemical engineer. So we do more searches and come up with a few postings he is interested in. While we are talking I asked him what ward he is in, well he's not a member of our church. I told him that's OK we work with everyone who needs help, but I asked him how he found out about the ldsjobs website, apparently some member he was driving some where told him about it. This is great I'm thinking, then he says who attends church here? I tell him that it is a Young Single Adult Ward, by the way how old are you, 28 he says, I said you can come here if you like. I gave him the schedule and FHE day and time and explained what the FHE group does. He said that sounds fun, he wants to attend some meetings here. With his permission, I gave his contact info to the elders and he is now in there hands. Some one said if we prepare ourselves the Lord will send people our way who He has prepared to hear the gospel, I believe it! Well I have a few other things that I will post later, I really love this (missionary) work. Keep the faith,

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