Monday, November 3, 2014

3 November 2014 York, SC

Things at the ERC seems to be picking up.We have more people coming in off the "street" (walk ins). We are still trying to reach the stakes and help them get the stake and ward leaders signed up on as leaders. This enables them to see who is signed up from their ward/stake. This is important because we (the ERC) really do not get a chance to meet or know most of the candidates that we work with. We call them and email them every week check on them as we can but rarely do we have that close comforting assistance. The ward leaders on the other hand see these candidates at least weekly, they have the opportunity to talk to them face to face, put their arm around them, encourage them and lift their spirits.  Truly it is easy to see how the welfare program is an inspired program, when it is set up and executed properly. We had the opportunity to speak at the York ward council meeting. This is where you get to meet with and help the ward leaders get signed on. When they really learn how the program works they want to get on.  I took a couple of pictures of their building because I never saw a LDS building with colums. Hanging with the baptists. jk ( never use that kind of stuff).

Anyway the weather is changing and so are the leaves. It's still pretty though. 
Oh and by the way WE REALLY LOVE THE MISSION, just wanted to say that. More later, keep the faith.

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