Monday, October 13, 2014

The town of Mt Airy (AKA Mayberry) and the Blueridge Mt Parkway

So last weekend we traveled to Winston -Salem (that's right the same name as the cigarettes), then to Mt Airy. Mt Airy is up on the Northern most of NC. It is also where the TV series Andy Griffith was filmed. They have a fall festival every year and the senior couples decided to make a road trip on P-day of course. So Here are some pictures:
 All of us standing in front of a bunch of musical pumpkins ^ that's me in the cowboy hat in case you didn't know, wait a minute some of those are pumpkin heads
                                     Just a shot of the crowd ^
                               Can't miss Floyd's barber shop ^
                                and Opie's Candy Store ^
                                Everyone knows how much I like the Wizard of Oz ^
 This is suppose to be a video, I can't make it play but someone smarter than me can
 We stopped at a music festival, this is the back ground area, also there was a museum
 Here is Elder and Sister Urban (right), Elder and Sister Hunt (center) and Sister Slade, where is Jim? taking the picture.
                               The next 2 are along the Blueridge Parkway ^

                                    Another video
                                Can't miss Aunt Bea and Andy with Opie ^
And of course Barney (Fife)
It was loads of fun, until next time, keep the faith

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