Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update on the Employment Resource Center work

Things at the ERC are progressing, we have seen some successes, but I do wonder sometimes how do we measure success? Is it employment? If so then we have had some success. In the past 2 weeks we have been able to show 8, with 2 more in the works as having employment. Now this being said it doesn't mean "we" have found jobs for everyone, but for the most part assisted. No I think it is something else, something that will take a lot of work and patience. Today we met with a member of the Hickory stake presidency and visited about the employment, our part and others part. I explained my analogy about moving the train, he said I get it. That seems to be the response, Ok Ok hush up already. He was busy, I get that, but I just am enthused and talk to much. The good news is he will meet with the bishops for a welfare meeting this evening and will find out who's doing what and what needs doing. So here is how I think we measure success, we (ERC) ->"help"<- (have I emphized the word help enough) each stake and ward within the mission to become self-reliant, at least in employment. When the stake president and 1 high councilor, the stake employment specialist, the bishops, HP group leaders, EQ presidents, RS presidents and ward employment specialists are signed up on and are seeing who from their ward is signed up, making contact with them, encouraging them and coaching them. Then when each ward member feels someone cares, and is willing to be there for them, the ward members have a desire to become self-reliant. That's all it takes, easy enough. My problem is the patience part. I want things moving, like a freight train on double track, with distributed power, 6.0 horse power per ton, 65 tons per operative brakes, carry UPS mail at Christmas time, nothing gets in the way!! What I need, is to know "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. Agency is our gift from the Lord. Boy I love being here and trying to serve the Lord though.
So about some pictures. Last Friday Sister Slade and I went into a small mall near by to get some pants hemmed as we walked to the building I noticed this lot and that it was cemetery.  We asked around and nobody really knew the history of it. One guy said that a hospital used to be across the street and this was there cemetery. Anyway, it was overgrown and unkept. The odd thing was that all the headstones were alike and in rows. Most just stated the name and when they died, example John Doe died March 3rd 1945. Interesting? The top two are Sister Slade looking around the cemetery.

 This picture below was at the cemetery, look at it, can you see the bird. It's an owl.

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