Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 Oct 2014 New Pictures and happenings

Well today is Tuesday the 7th of October, why is that important? It's not, just another great day on the mission. Today was missionary leader training, I'll get back to that in a minute. Back at the office we have 2 more candidates close to landing a job. As it turns out we, the ERC, have partnered with the Goodwill industries of the Southern Piedmont. I guess it's not as it turns out, it is that a gentleman from the Goodwill contacted the ERC and wanted to sit down and discuss how we can work together to use each others resources to help serve the Charlotte area. We talked and I signed them up as 1. an employer and 2. as a community resource. So far it's working great, and looking good for the future. Things are moving forward at the ERC. Now about missionary leader training, the sister trainers and elders, district leaders and zone leaders meet as called by the mission president. So I posted some pictures at the lunch. 1st picture is Elder Youngstrom. 2nd picture is of president Craven walking in front, and sister Craven standing in the middle, 3rd is just a group shot. So why post these you ask? Well as I was sitting there watching them inter-act, I was thinking back during times when I worked with the youth at boy scout camp, girls camp (especially) and youth night. I thought how sometimes when the youth got together and they would gather with their friends, some one was always left out, standing alone. But not here, not on a mission because here you always have a companion. In the words of Tuco (from the Good the Bad and the Ugly) "even so a bandit like me knows there's always a brother who won't deny me a bowl of soup". It just so amazing to watch each sister or elder as they see a past companion run and hug each other.

Below is a picture of Sister Phillips (right) and Sister Zampeiron (left) Sister Zampeiron is from Brazil, she just learned english prior to and while at the MTC. She speaks very well, but it's a hoot to listen to hear talk. Sister Phillips is from Las Vegas, one of the better trainers buy the way. Oh and they live in the same apt complex all of us seniors are in.
Next is a picture of Sister Velarde (left) and Sister Urban (right) I was taking pictures and she grabbed Sister Urban and smiled, how could you not take a picture of that. Sister Urban is one of the office staff with her husband Elder Urban.
Sister Urban took the next few pictures, how can you pass up such a passal of beauty. (spiritual beauty of course). Michael Nuccio where are you?

I pretty well photo bombed this one.

Sister Zampeiron, Sister Phillips, Sister Slade and me (you know the camera puts on a few pounds)
And now for the last thing about today, North Carolina Charlotte mission, as with other missions were allowed to show a preview of the up coming movie "Meet the Mormons" Go! it's really good! 
The last picture is of Elder Urban (left), Elder Hunt, Sister Hunt, Sister Urban and Sister Slade (right) at dinner in the Urban's apt. after conference. And oh man wasn't conference amazing. I enjoyed every bit. That can be a whole other blog.
until next time, Keep the faith

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