Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ward activity

This evening we attended a ward activity a "fiesta dinner" turned out to be some pretty good mexican dishes. I guess it would since our ward has the spanish branch in it. Anyway a fun time visiting ward members. The pictures are: Top - a shot of the group, the couple in the middle (standing is President Kitchen and Sister Kitchen) He was raised in Snowflake Az. and she was raised in Mesa Az. To the far right is one set of of Elders in the ward. Pretty good turn out. Middle -  is a picture of this adorable little girl, she was walking by me and stopped and looked at me. I asked her mom if I could take a picture and by the time she said yes the little girl walked away so her mom picked her up and said give kisses and that is what she is doing. Below is a picture of the two them again standing with Sister Brinley (left) with her son Aiden. Brother and Sister Brinley are the ward employment specialist By the way the other sister is Sister Wyeth ( I hope I spelled it correct) but I didn't get the little girls name. Anyway just a short post, we are loving the mission. Keep the faith

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