Saturday, September 27, 2014

27 September 2014 several pictures

Couple of things to mention, 1. we received a letter from our wonderful stake presidency, this letter was given to all the missionaries from our stake but it still is nice to hear from them. 2. President Thies said that we need to record those spiritual things that happen while on this mission. So I am writing things down in both my journal and this blog. My journal is not as "filled" as it should be, but, between that and this blog I feel I am covering most things. I am enjoying writing this blog I hope whoever is reading it, enjoys it also. So anyway this past week was busy with different events. I want to post some pictures and then tell the stories.
This was a zone conference in Gastonia NC. Gastonia is about 25 miles due west of Charlotte. I had offered to help Elder Hunt (he and sister Hunt are one of the senior missionary couples). He has responsibility for the cars and bikes and things like that. Whenever there is a zone conference he goes to the conference and checks on the cars such as oil, brake fluid, coolant, tires etc. as the missionaries come to the conference. So I drive the cars to a spot to get the tires checked for pressure and we check the lights, flashers, brake lights and such. When we are done (this is the last thing we do) I drive the cars back and park them. I have helped them a couple of times and when I park them I try to get creative about how I do it. Sometimes by color or I would park them opposite of each other. So this day I parked all the Chevys first (7 cars) from dark to light then 1 VW and 1 Toyota then 4 Fords from dark to light. They get a kick out of it as I am setting up the order. The picture below is a picture of those cars.  I know, silly isn't it, but it is fun.

By the way at Gastonia I had my first NC Bar B Que served by the Relief Society, it was good!
So Sister Slade and I had appointments in Sheby NC (which is about 20+ miles west of Gastonia). We had a career days to do. The pictures below are from Shelby, NC. I saw this in the side yard of a house. I thought it looked like a camp site. Everything is so green! The next two below that are of houses in the neighborhood near the Shelby chapel.

So today was a P-day and Sister Slade and I along with Sister and Elder Hunt went on a short road trip to Union Grove, NC. We had read about a cafe that was run by a family for about 60 yrs.and every Saturday they get together and play music and invite anyone who wants to join in. So the pictures below are from the Cook Shack. The first one is of a young man who brought his guitar and joined in. He was really good "pickin" his guitar. if you look close you can see his tattoos, not talking bad but it was different. The next one is of the front and inside with sister Slade and sister Hunt and Elder Hunt. Then of the group (band) together.

So it has been fun, but not without many great experiences. I'll add some later. Keep the faith

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