Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day dinner with the the elders in the ward we attend.

Sister Slade and I, once in awhile, take out either a set of elders or sisters on a night out for dinner. This evening we took the elders from the Sharon ward, which is the ward we have been assigned to attend. There are 3 elders, we asked where they wanted to go and they chose the All American Burger. We were talking about what we were going to order and I challenged either or all of them to try the "Road Star burger" which is 4 1/3 lb pattys between two buns and whatever else you put on it. Only Elder Phelps took me up on it, and he ate it plus some rings and a milkshke for dessert. They gave him a T-shirt for finishing it all. That little gal standing with him was about the bubbliest gal I've seen in awhile, cute as a button, not bigger than a corn nubbin.

Below is a group picture 2 of the 3 will transfer tomorrow. We'll be there for transfers.

Keep the faith

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