Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mission Tour

Today was a mission tour, this is when a general authority comes to the mission. Today our speaker was Elder and Sister Wilson of the seventy also Elder Parker (area authority).  Started at 9am till 12pm for lunch and then picked up for the afternoon session at 1pm till 4pm. It is always great to listen to the general authorities. Most of the time was spent on the Book of Mormon, which I love.
We were asked to be seated by 8:15-30am, then at 8:30 the Assistant to the President got up and gave some of the "general rules". Then they practiced going up and shaking hands with the general authority, this was only so they would be able to keep an even flow. Anyway it was enjoyable. Sister Craven was the 1st speaker her and President Craven were asked by Elder Wilson to bare their testimonies about the Book of Mormon, both gave great testimonies. I really enjoy them (Sister and President Craven). Elder and Sister Wilson both also gave great messages they sort of team taught about the Book of Mormon. Elder Wilson talked a lot about the Bof M being the greatest converter to the gospel other than the Holy Ghost, I agree. Elder Parker was very enjoyable to listen to. He teaches like a baptist preacher, this is what Sister Slade says I always do, so I really liked to listen to him. By the way he is a convert, his father was a baptist preacher and his brother is now. I would say he knows his bible. I think he is from Atlanta, he did have a accent. He would move his hands and arms and really get to preaching, I loved it. In the picture below you have 5 elders on the floor then on the 1st row sitting the 8th from the left is Elder Parker (leaning forward), then Sister Wison, Elder Wilson, President Craven and Sister Craven. That group photo is 1/4 of the missionaries that were there. They took four groups like that. Something else when the elders and sisters started to arrive they would meet up with old companions and run and hug each other, no shaking hands. Brothers and sisters don't shake hands, brothers and sisters gotta hug. Fun day. I need to post some other things, but I'll start another post for that. Keep the Faith

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