Sunday, September 21, 2014

Greensboro, North Carolina

Friday September 19th Sister Slade and I drove to Greensboro North Carolina, first to help at the zone conference, then for Career days. We signed up 3 candidates for on Friday. Following that on Saturday the 20th, we assisted the Stake employment specialist with a career workshop. There were 5 sisters in attendance. As I have mentioned before the workshop is designed to help people with job interview skills and resumes and such. While we were there three others showed up to be signed onto Also sister Griffin (SES) asked me to do the mock interviews. We do this by filming each candidate as they "interview" for a position. I really enjoy this in part because I am usually the interviewer, which I did for a few years as the hiring manager in the Sunset Service Unit for Union Pacific. I like thowing in a curve once in awhile. Anyway I always tell them prior to the interview ( the real one) to do re-search on the company so you know what they need or are looking for in an employee. I always mention for example at UP safety was very important. So in this case you would maybe say that you are very safety conscience or something like that. So when we started the interviews sister Slade and I went into a room to set up and she wrote on the chalkboard Safety First on the Job. The idea was that when the candidate came in they would see that and maybe mention something about safety. So each person gets interviewed and nobody says anything, after each one sister Slade adds something to the board, until she finally writes Look with 2 arrows pointing down to safety first on the job.

Befor we are all done the employment specialist says to me you should tell them about what they are interviewing for so they will have an idea what to say. I said wait till I'm done, after each had an interview I took a picture of the chalk board and asked did anyone see this, 3 said no and 1 said yes but I didn't think it was important. I said what do you think now. We all enjoyed the day, and all in all it was pretty productive. We will get the other stakes during the next month or so. We really love serving a mission and are getting into the employment part. Will write again later. Keep the faith.

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