Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept. 2 2014 Transfer day

Today was transfers, what an interesting day. Over 100 elders and sisters were there, some being transferred, others going home and some just starting out (1st day).For some it's reunion time, what a wonderful day all the way around. Anyway we attended a presentation given by Sister Craven (wife to President Craven), she made them feel at home and in some instances straight to the point. I told her she was just like their moms, kind, loving and authoritative.  I won't write down the gruesome details, funny as they were. But I did write some things down:
1. Today, tomorrow and forever, this is the way the mission will be.
2. Something President says to the missionaries, before you say it, or do it, think, where will this lead to..
3. Careful Vs. Casual-- Dignity and demeanor -
a, langauge/slang  keep it dignified, be careful rather than casual
b. appearance
c. maners
All of these will turn out better if you are careful rather than casual.
Anyway just a short piece to write down. The picture is of Sister Craven standing next to Sister Slade. Keep the faith

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