Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo dos mil y quince. Just a small post with a funny story and a work of art.

I was talking with Sister Craven after a Missionary Leader Conference and I heard a story about 2 Elders who painted a wall in their apartment. Someone said their apartment was dull and boring, so they decided to paint a wall to spruce it up and make a statement. The real problem is that someone has to repaint it, because they're not supposed to paint the apartment. And truth be told black, yes black, does not cover over very well. The Picture is really a work of art and a statement indeed.

You have to admit it is nice work. If you haven't ever seen a missionary tag, it won't mean as much, but if you have, it's pretty darn close. I offered to repaint with a one coat paint and coat it about 4 times! That's all for now, time is ---->flying ----> by. Love you all. So until next post, and a little more news, Keep the Faith.

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