Wednesday, April 15, 2015

15 April 2015 Tax day "what me worry, I'm on a mission"

Got some from the feds and gave it back to Az, so much for that. I'm on a mission, and the time is flying by. A lot has happened in the past few weeks, so I don't know where to begin. I think it is safe to say the mission is awesome, all sides. As previously mentioned, several times, we enjoy transfers. Last transfer was a little different, fewer missionaries coming in and several going home. Since it is so hectic, the office staff is always in a turmoil. This transfer we had 2 visa waiters, (missionaries waiting for their visas to a different country and mission), received their visas and needed a ride to airport. We were asked to take them, which we gladly did. The reason I tell this is as we were getting ready to go, we packed the bags in the back of the pick up loaded the missionaries, one sister and one elder, both going to Brazil. Just before we pull out I see President and Sister Craven come up to the truck, President comes to the door where the elder is and Sister Craven to the door where the sister is sitting. They talked with them, cried with them, loved them, gave good advice (remember who you are and who you represent) said good bye and we drove off. It was like watching parents and children saying their farewells before they leave for their missions. If I didn't know before this how much they love the missionaries and nurture them I did that day. Watching day by day, seeing and feeling the Spirit throughout this mission is awe inspiring. Anyway as always I took some pictures.
 Ok left to right: me, Sister Phillips, Sister Jacot, Sister Knight and Sister Slade
These three were serving together in the Welcome Ward in High Point, NC 
Now Sister Knight has gone home, and Sister Jacot transferred to another ward and Sister Phillips is still in Welcome.
 These three are lovingly called the Spanish Sisters, they serve in the Charlotte Spanish Branch (where I bore my testimony in Spanish) Left is Hermana Calvillo center is Hermana Herrera and to the right is Hermana Lino.  They are my biggest support in my aprendizaje Spanish. Hermana Herrera left for home. She's a sweetheart, well they all are.
 The Harrisburg (our apt. area) Sisters, Sister Miller and Sister Carter
Sister Carter left for home
 Sister Cromwell, (right) served in the Sharon Ward, she left for home 
 Sister Slade and Elder Herr. That's "our boy" from Tucson, and our home ward. I always take picture of him and send them to his mom.
Missionaries have gone home, but the bikes need to be sent home also. Elder Hunt has that assignment. He brakes them down, boxes them and Fed-Ex's them home.

Part II - weekend retreat, down in Lancaster SC.  Sister Slade found this B&B in Lancaster and booked it for our wedding anniversary. There is a lot of history and stories with this place, wish I could remember it. Anyway I know it was built in 1828 and moved in pieces to the spot it rests now. I have some pictures if you didn't know.
Sister Slade sittin' and rockin'
This is a working farm, I think it is about 400 acres
This is a picture of Andrew Jackson, we stayed in the Andrew Jackson room.
Front porch, it is a beautiful place isn't it.
There were several hiking trails, this one crosses a very small creek. A small creek is better than no creek in Tucson

This was the key to lock the front door, really.
Living room
This mirror is in the dining room, the innkeeper said it was 280 yrs old.
An old staircase, our room was upstairs 2 flights.

I enlarged this one more because it was a special painting. Not that it was old or really rare, other than there is not another one like it. Here is the story. The artist is Jim Shore, heard of him? He does a lot of Disney art.  Anyway there is a story that George Washington had a coin that he cut in two. He gave the pieces to two girls (pictured in front of him) for some reason this was a popular story. Anyway Jim Shore decided to make it original and he painted the Builder/remodeler of the house and the Innkeeper in the group of people standing. The builder is the man with the 3 cornered hat turned toward the viewer, but looking at George. The Innkeeper is next to him with the white hair. If that wasn't enough he painted himself and his son in the picture. They are seated on the well, the son with his arm on his dad's ( Jim Shore) back. Funny? But it looks like it would have back then.
I took this one because I like the house and parked next to it on the left side was this cool white Ford pick up truck. It kinda look like maybe one the farmer would have had back then... yeah right.
And of course the bathroom, fat guy in the mirror!

Had enough? There's more. Last Wednesday night we met with the Agent Stake Committee meeting. This was to get all the stakes in the mission on the same path, so to speak. The Agent Stake President, which is President Hall, is just one of the most down to earth humble men you might meet. We love him. He treats us like he has known us for 30 years. He is one of our best supporters of the ERC. Anyway We gave a presentation and caught him up on the activities of the ERC. Also gave a proposal which hopefully will change the dynamics of the ERC and surrounding stakes. We will keep up with this if it works later. If President Hall has his way we'll be moving here permanently. 
Then last night, Tuesday, we were invited to a community out reach program city wide to meet with potential job seekers. There were several faith based and non faith based employment support groups. Each spoke about what their center offered the candidates. It was really neat to be with that many employment people in so many venues. Zoooom! there goes the time flying by again. We love and miss you all, until next time keep the faith.

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