Wednesday, May 20, 2015

20 May 2015 Some before and after transfers pictures

Last week was transfers, I wanted to post something sooner , but actually I have been busy with other things. We always love transfers, just because we have a chance to see some of the missionaries who are out in other areas of the mission, and it always is great to watch the missionaries as they learn who their new companion will be, they hug and just welcome each other. The first couple of pictures are of a lunch we had with the other senior couples and 3 sets of missionaries, one of each set was going home we took them to lunch. Also they are missionaries who we have worked closely with.
 Just getting settled in, all the young missionaries on one end and the older folks at the other end. In the next picture you will see that we mixed the young missionaries with the old so we can here about their experiences.
 Then the food (Mexican) arrives, it is a place near where we live and is pretty good for NC
If you look at the glasses on the table 1 glass is not like the others (hmmm). Sister Craven, Presidents wife, came with us. She is sitting next to Sister Slade.
This is a magnolia flower, the tree is below. When we first arrived I wondered what this tree was, it has a very shinny waxy green leaf. I was told it was a magnolia. I heard they bloomed in the fall, the fall came and no blossoms, winter, no, early spring, no, then in May they started blooming now they are all over. 
 This was taken about mid-May. I asked the lady (she is working in the shrubs to the right) if I could take the picture. Look at the date on the picture at the number 11, she is bent over but compare her size to the tree.
 This is the Lancaster Sisters with us. Left is Sister Ofisa, then Sister Pulley, she was transferred to Pilot Mt. Sister Slade and I. Pilot Mt is in the North part North Carolina, above Winston-Salem. If you remember the Andy Griffith Show they lived in Mayberry, which is Mt Airy, NC and always mentioned the big city of Mt Pilot or Pilot Mt as it is really.
 The Young lady here is Sister Wright. She was a visa waiter, meaning she was serving in NC while she waited for her visa to go to Brazil. She got the visa and we took her to the airport to leave for Brazil. We stay with them until they are completely through the check in, security and into the gateway. I sent this to her parents and told them while in line she already found someone to teach. 
 This is Elder Snow (left) and Elder Dedrick both were going home. Elder Dedrick was a assistant to the President. Elder Snow was a Zone leader. Elder Snow lived in the same complex as we do. He is from Reserve, NM and his stake is the Eagar Stake in Eagar Az. We know some of the same people. Here is quite a guy. He is a pilot, a rancher, a gunsmith. He earned some of his mission money building rifles. We were very fond of him. I told him I'll see him when I get back to the White Mts.

 After I took the previous picture two other elders wanted in so I took this one. They are such fun to be with. The elder to the right didn't get the folding your arm when getting your picture taken memo. Love them.
 This is Sister Miller, she was going home also, and she lived in the same complex as we do.  Not that it matters, but look at the difference between the picture above and her, she is a little thing, but mighty powerful.
 Sister Pulley with her new companion, Sister Lino. Sister Lino was in the Spanish Branch.

I want to write a few other things, but I will write tomorrow. For now keep the faith

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