Friday, November 7, 2014

Bishop's storehouse

Last Sunday it was announced that it was the Lancaster Branch's turn to help with the distribution of the bishop store house items. They asked for volunteers, I raised my hand, as did another brother (1st counselor inn the presidency) anyway we were to meet at the stake center on Wednesday at 0800. Sister Slade and I arrived and joined to my surprise several branch members. The project was well organized and truly a wonderful experience. Everyone pitched in, particularly the recipients. Each helped each other in following the program, and by the way the program is followed properly! It was good to see members helping each other. So as the morning went on and we were cleaning everything up and putting things away one of the sisters says to me you are the employment missionaries, I said yes we are. Well my husband owns a bussiness and has been trying to fill some jobs vacancies. He has asked the bishop and members if they know of anyone, but he hasn't had any takers. I said you came to the right place, we have people to fill those jobs. I expressed my joy in meeting her and finding this out. It is way easier to fill a position when the candidate and the employer have a common connection. Think about it this way, is it easier to do missionary work by tracting or by member referrals? It's the same principle. Now I have another contact that I can say go talk to this person and the candidate has some one there in person to talk with. If I didn't volunteer to help with the storehouse I would've more than likely never met this good sister and her husband. Always be engaged in a good cause, oh and keep the faith.

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