Sunday, November 9, 2014

9 November 2014

Sunday November 9th at the Lancaster Branch. In order to arrive on time, and today we needed to be on time, we have to leave at 0840 to be there by 10:00. It is a easy drive and really pretty. Today Sister Slade and I spoke in Sacrament meeting. Going backwards, I helped Sister Slade with her talk, and then jotted down some notes for me. I want to mention that the other 2 senior couples came to support Sister Slade, they drove the 1 hr and 10 min drive to be there. It was a very kind thing to do, but even more important was that our pianist was not there and we sang accapella for the opening hymn and then Sister Urban (bless her heart) stepped up and played the piano. Boy we needed that, but such is life in a small branch. There are 3 speakers, 1st is Sister Banford, one of the full time sisters, followed by Sister Slade, intermediate hymn and then myself. So that should allow me about 15 minutes, good enough. Sacrament starts at 10 opening hymn, prayer, and it's time for the sacrament (it's a small branch) sacrament is finished and it's 10:12, Sister Banford finishes about 10:25 and Sister Slade is up and down and it's 10:32. Oooh boy. Let's see, I jotted a few notes about the employment resources and a scripture about service. Hmmmm. Well I wrapped it up about 11:02, lucky I had some railroad analogies to talk about. Anyway once again Sister Slade really did a great job, she actually ad-libbed some of her talk, it was funny and good. I really think she is getting rid of some of her fears. After church as we drove home I remembered a place I'd seen on the way to and from church I wanted to see, it was Andrew Jackson's home, where he was (maybe born) but surely raised as a young man. I say that because he really didn't know, but claims to have been born in SC. The place is Andrew Jackson State Park. I turned in and we visited it, we walked around and took a couple of pictures. It was interesting I just wish I could explain all the history of the area. Waxhaw, Camben the battles that were fought there.
 So the 1st picture is the outdoor amphitheater. That is me down on the stage, as usual nobody wants to listen to me.
That is Sister Slade reading the bulletin board outside the outhouse (yes she actually went inside)
                             Sister Slade, she can't turn away from a man in uniform and a hat.
                                                                The little schoolhouse
A picture of our bed and bedroom? Ok a replica of the time period.

My church clothes, I didn't bring much.
The old meeting house. 
Looks like some indians sneaking around
Anyway we had a really good time.
The next couple picture are of our branch building.

Just doesn't look like a typical meeting house, it is a converted restaurant. But let me say this, it isn't the building, it's the members that make it a branch/ward and we love them.
Last of all it's fall and, it's beautiful
Keep the faith

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