Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 June 2015 The week the family comes to visit 28 May - 7 June 2015

Some of the family came to visit this last week. They arrived late, late, the evening of May 28th. We didn't see them until the next morning. Holly, Jeremy, Tennasyn, Tyleigh, Farmer, Jill, Kenny, Kelsey all came. Sara and her family couldn't make it. We missed them greatly. Otherwise we had a great time, most of the time was spent at a lake house on Lake Norman. Lake Norman is located near Moorsville, NC.  We did go to Carowinds, which is an amusement park, just South of Charlotte on the border of North and South Carolina. Actually the park is built on both of the states. I posted some pictures to see the week in pictures. The first group is some pictures at a Mexican restaurant and then at the Latta Plantation. Then we went to Uptown Charlotte, to the Discovery Center. This is a learning, fun and games place.
 This place should look familiar, we eat here often. It is in other pictures I have posted

 Tyleigh (blondie) and Kenny boy, they spent a lot of time together 
 Kelsey girl, she loves the attention.
Tennasyn (Ten), sweet sixteen
 Farmer and Jill (my favorite daughter-law)
Holly (sweetie-pie) and Jeremy
 Ten driving the pick-up in North Carolina. Ty took this picture

The next group is at the Latta Plantation, it is near Charlotte.
The Barn 
 The house
 Gramie and I with Ty, Ten, Kenny and Kelsey
 just the four grandkids

Below is at the discovery place
 Me beating Farmer and Patty at a knowledge game
 Ty and Kels
 Kenny playing a trivia with a music game
 Kels playing the same game
 Farmer paddling the canoe with the lovely Jill, I mean really isn't she pretty in this picture. Love that hair.
 Ten trying to fish, luckily she didn't catch anything because she didn't have a License. 
 Kenny and Ty peddling and Kels enjoying the ride

 The house, it was great. Plenty of room and less than a 100 ft from the cove.
 There is beauty all around, when there's love at home.
 Paddling around the cove
 Jeremy tossing the kids into the cove

 Kelsey our gymnast
 She is double tough, and cute as a button
a late shot at the cove

 At the gate

 I don't know the names of all the rides, but this one( above) is the Fury. 325 ft in the air

 Mom with Hol
 This was the only real theme area

 The rides were crazy

 This one was nice and smooth. but over 300 ft in the air

 Kelsey standing in both North and South Carolina
 There was some pretty good music too.
 I made this one larger so you can see the fiddler, love that hair.
 Last but not least good bye. Vaya con Dios y conserva los fe. Amor

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