Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 March 2015 Transfers, mission conference, workshops and other items that enter our lives on this mission.

A lot has happened here in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission ( NCCM).  Really, it seems like something is going on quite regularly. I can hardly imagine how fast time is zipping by. That being said, I love every minute of it. It is an experience never to be forgotten. Ironically I hope I can remember all the details. I can remember President Alston telling me, when I was serving as a bishop, to be thankful for every minute. I did and it still seemed like it wasn't enough. How could I love a ward so big, so many youth (84), but I did, it was all consuming. That's what is going on again. It is incredible, we love it! Every transfer we see young elders and sisters who love each other, with Christ like love. They watch as companionships move, closeness separated. Then all of a sudden new companionships are formed new true friends made. Again, no one stands alone, there is always someone there to lend a hand. Last transfer one senior couple, one who we became close to, Arizona residents (Heber, Mesa) left for home. Good friends, great missionaries we will miss here but look forward to reuniting with later. Elder and Sister Reidhead, pictured below.
The next few pictures are from the transfer, new missionaries coming in and more seasoned missionaries going home.

Transferred from our complex 
  Sister Ofisa (left) transferred to Lancaster Branch with Sister Pulley (middle) 
Sister Knight (right) transferred to Welcome ward in High Point Stake.
 Sisters arriving at the mission home preparing to leave in the morning headed home

 We love you
Well done thou good and faithful servants
And you too, Elder Urban
 Along the way
 We found snow 
in the South
Three times in 2 weeks actually.

 These two pictures are where Elder Hunt and I swept snow to clear a place for Elder Gregory A Schwitzer when he came to Charlotte for a mission conference.
 But the star was Sister Craven, who had foot surgery and needed assistance into the chapel
That's Elder Urban pushing and Elder Schwitzer behind and right.
 Missionaries waiting for instruction (about the new iPad program). Actually we had already been using iPad's for about 18months as a test area.
 Elder Schwitzer teaching

 Our own (Saguaro Park Ward) Elder Herr (left) and his companion
 Lunch break
And finally Sister Phillips (great and special friend) with Sister Perez

What about the workshop? We taught a workshop in the High Point Stake. I wanted to add this because that's what we are here for, employment. Things are amazing in the employment side. When I think we have hit a wall and nothing is happening the Lord sends people with more job opportunities and more job seekers. We have 100 names to work with. As Always some are serious and some not so much. I learned something today as I was talking to a candidate. She had lost the centers number and email because her phone had crashed. She needed some help and I didn't know it because I hadn't heard from her in awhile. This happens when someone doesn't log on in 60 days. I figured she was doing OK and I didn't worry about her. I sent a group email, which reached her and she called as soon as she got it telling me that she had lost all the information, and thanked me for sending her a email so she could re-connect with us. I liken this to someone we think is on the "do not contact list" we say we can't contact them because they don't want contact. When sometimes someone just thought that and placed them on the list and no one goes over to find out why. Then we find out they are just as disappointed no one has reached out to them. We never know until we ask ourselves.
Anyway We invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Until next time keep the faith.

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