Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 Feb 2015 Just a couple of pictures

Every Wednesday evening I go to a book of Mormon class in the Harrisburg ward. The class is taught by one of the senior couples, Elder and Sister Urban. Last night they were out for the evening and asked Sister Z and Sister Carter to teach. They did a good job and I wanted to take a couple of pictures for the blog. Also You'll see the most photographed bird in Charlotte. Elder Hunt has a camera focused on a bird feeder and catches this cardinal, other birds, He has dozens. Anyway here are a couple of pictures to enjoy.

 This feeder is hanging on a tree out the front window of the mission office.
I tease them by telling them they have started the 1st generation of these birds on welfare
 Sister Z on the left and Sister Carter on the right
 Elder Haas (front) 
A note to their families, Sister Z and Sister Carter are wonderful missionaries

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