Friday, August 1, 2014

Well, it's Friday August 2nd and today we just got the internet hooked up so this is my first post since leaving the MTC. We arrived in Charlotte at about 9 pm on Wednesday the 31st. We were in Castle Rock (Denver area) on Saturday and Sunday. We attended church with Rex and Rhonda Griffin, good friends from years ago. Sunday after church Rex drove us to the Denver temple (pictures later). We all had a great time rehashing old memories. Thanks Rex and Rhonda. Leaving Castle Rock we headed for Kansas City MO. We stayed the night there and found the KC temple. Next we headed for Nashville TN. actually we stayed in Franklin where the "Nashville" temple is, I checked on the temples and they are all the same size, fairly small. At least they have a temple to call theirs. On Wednesday morning we attended the Nashville temple we had our choice of either the 10 am or the 11:30 am session, that's it for the day. We attended the 10 am session then left for Charlotte after lunch of course. I have to say the entire trip out of the MTC has been beautiful. As you would expect the further East we went the greener it got, with that comes humidity. St. Louis was a nightmare getting through, because they were doing road work everywhere, GPS was lost, not me, but don't ask Sister Slade it's a touchy subject. Anyway we finally made it to Charlotte and met with Elder and Sister Urban, they are the facility couple. They are great, they set up our apt. Waited up for us and got us started. They did such a nice job setting up everything. Oh and I finally made it to the mission office, Sister Slade was still busy putting up everything, so I drove to the office, met President and Sister Craven and Elder and Sister Hunt ( they are the office couple). Found our office, which no one has been in since before January, it was deserted. So tomorrow we will both meet with President Craven and most likely get our assignment to which ward he wants us to attend and any extra responsibilities we wants us to have. Well, that's quite a bit so I'll end here any carry on tomorrow or whenever. Keep the faith,

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