Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mid-week in Atlanta

Well it's Wednesday in Atlanta, we just finished a two day workshop, (training for us).  So after work (work really?) the Brocket ward had a institute class taught by the gospel doctrine teacher, Sister Tracy, wow let me tell you she is good. We sat in the gospel doctrine class last Sunday. She teaches with enthusiasm, but, well she does have a PHD in Old Testament studies. Anyway I always love gospel discussions. I don't want to post to often but I want to say that just in the last few days here Sister Slade has really come out of her shell. She has been called on to read, to make comments and inter act with everyone, and pray out loud! Truly amazing. I hope we can learn what we need, I don't need to know it all just what I need, the rest will come. Loving the mission, keep the faith. Love to all,

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  1. I found you! I will book mark this so we can come back and catch up on your adventures! We love you!

    Tricia and Gary