Friday, August 22, 2014

Gastonia NC

When we got back from Atlanta, we started right in trying to use what we learned. We knew we had a career days to set up for on Thursday Aug. 21st in Gastonia NC. Elder and Sister Shelley were coming down again to conduct the career days. Our job was to get the people signed up for 1 hr appointments for the candidates. It wasn't that long ago we held a career days in Gastonia so we were having a difficult time trying to find people to attend. On Wednesday August 20th Sister Slade and I were busy calling and searching when a young man comes in and introduces himself and says he loves to meet people, he works for physical facilities and was working cleaning the building.We talked and he told a couple of nice stories about following the Spirit, I will avoid the details but it was times he felt impressed to do something and later found out why. So I mentioned that we were going to Gastonia for a career days and I needed to get into the building. My plan was to call the bishop and see if I could get in. He said to me call sister Mull she is the building coordinator, and he gave me her number. I thanked him and he went back to work. By now we only had 2 candidates scheduled, one for 1pm and one for 7pm. So I called the Atlanta office and told the Shelley's not to bother coming down for two people that I could handle it myself (I hoped).Anyway I called sister Mull and asked her to meet me at 12:30 pm, she asked what we doing, I told her and she said can I put this out to our stake, I said sure. When we arrived there were 4 people waiting and more coming. All in all we set up profiles for 12 candidates spending over 91/2 hrs in the Gastonia building. The reason I say this is we were thinking why are we coming to Gastonia again, Well the Lord knows why. I truly believe that it is possible out of the 12 there 4 will have jobs within the next week, and the others are now in the system. One of the canidates was not a member and by the time we done, after visiting with everyone she said to me I am also looking into visiting the church too.We also have invited them to attend our career workshop next week in Gaastonia.  Keep the faith,

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  1. Sounds like you two are doing exactly what you were sent to do! Keep up the good work and moving forward!