Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 01 January 2015 Wow!

Well, can you believe it's 2015 already and about 6 months into the mission, I can't. So let's talk about  employment. We have about 75 (give or take) candidates that we call, email or contact someway at least every week, maybe 10 days. We help, and I use this loosely, because sometimes it's not help but do, with job searches. I think we have been fairly successful in doing this, however I can't help but think we need to get better in getting the wards/stakes more involved. This is where the work really needs to be. I look to the day when the employment missionary is truly a resource to assist the wards and stakes, and the ward employment specialist works closely with the Bishop, HPGL, RS president and EQ president. And the member/candidate knows this. Now with all this said please know that in doing this I have been blessed to know and learned to love all those we serve. I know most by name and a lot about their lives, even though I haven't really met most of them. It's a great work and I am thankful to be able to serve here. OK that said lets move on. We have had two zone conferences prior to Christmas, (pictures below).
^ Elder Herr (from Tucson Saguaro Ward) and Elder Lebman (?)
 Sister Z and Sister Carter (our 2 sisters in our complex) simply sweet.
 Sister Dunn stopped for a pose, seriously she is always smiling like this, she is adorable.
 Senior couples, left to right Sister and Elder Reidhead (from Heber,Arizona) Elder and Sister Andrus, Sister and Elder Urban, Elder and Sister Hunt, me and Sister Slade.
 Everybody loves the camera
Every zone conference entails doing car inspections

President Santa showed up at the zone conference
Sister Z and Sister Carter  ( but I'm not partial)

Christmas happenings, 1st Our Christmas party at the Lancaster Branch
Yes this is our primary, few but cute

I think more people came to the party than attend the meetings, hmmm.
 Christmas dinner was at our home
 dessert, wow it was good
Sister Slade passing out little gifts she made.
I shot this in Clover, SC on Christmas Eve.
It is a recently cut field. It was a bit overcast

After Christmas was transfers 
 To the <- left is Elder Lyman and to the right -> is Elder Jorgensen. Elder Jorgensen is leaving to go home. Both are in our complex, so as you would think we are very close to them. Elder Jorgensen has grown very special to us. He was really sad to leave, I told him that's because he served faithfully and gave everything on his mission  

 This is Elder Jorgensen and Elder Laudee ( both leaving to go home). Elder Laudee served here in our complex also, then was transferred. Just as a side note Elder Laudee's sister served in Boston, Mass. (Spanish speaking), which is the area Elder (McKay) Slade is serving. They knew each other. It's a small world. Just like when we had a return missionary speak in the Lancaster Branch, he said he served in the Bacolod, Philippines. The same mission Sister and Elder Mower ( Vail Ward) are now serving, they also knew each other. 

 Missionary reading the departing board
 While I was snapping pictures these 3 sisters walked up and stood there, just like that, think they wanted their pictures taken? It's so much fun at transfers.
 A sneak shot in the chapel (shhhh)
   And of course one of our favorite sisters, ^ Sister Phillips with Sister Jacot. ^ . They are serving in Welcome, NC. High Point Stake.

So until and throughout the new year, keep the faith.

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